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New Found Life of Delray Beach

Clinical Support

Specialized Programs for Men & Women

New Found Life of Delray Beach provides the clinical support you need for your journey into sobriety. Full-time onsite therapists and counselors are standing by to assist you in healing mind, body and spirit. Gender specific programs facilitate open and honest communication allowing you to get to the root of your addiction in a safe, understanding, and compassionate environment. Clinical support is provided by world-class therapists, counselors, and other health and body professionals giving you access to complementary treatment and recovery protocols for your long-term sobriety.


Nutrition & Fitness

We believe true recovery from addiction requires the treatment of the mind, body and spirit. Our multi-disciplinary treatment programs include the development of healthy eating, exercise, and body awareness. For many that join us at New Found Life of Delray Beach, it is their first opportunity to start a comprehensive body and mind wellness program that incorporates movement therapies including Yoga and Tai Chi in conjunction with Nutritional Counseling for the body and Art Therapy, Meditation, and support and counseling for the mind and spirit.

12 Step Support

Invaluable tool for you to maintain your sobriety

Throughout your time at New Found Life of Delray Beach, you will have access to effective and compassionate 12-Step Support groups in our program and throughout the local recovery community. Your journey in sobriety is enhanced while attending 12 step groups where you gain insight and inspiration from other addicts. A 12 Step program and sponsorship is an invaluable tool for you to maintain your sobriety while overcoming your fears and challenges.

Life Skills & Career Support

Our goal is that you are prepared to succeed in all areas of your life

For many addicts, life skills, education, and careers take a back seat. We believe that your continued sobriety in part revolves around your preparedness for active success in life after completing your program. We provide you with the opportunity to explore education and career prospects while building life skills including coping mechanisms, relapse prevention strategies, financial management, and more to aid you throughout the course of your life. Our goal is that when you leave us, you are well prepared to succeed in all areas of your life.
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New Found Life of Delray Beach Treatment and Recovery Center

New Found Life of Delray Beach provides affordable, evidence-based and effective treatment of addiction and substance abuse. This program was designed to benefit and treat men and women who cannot afford to take time away from their daily routine of work, school, or family but are in need of a structured treatment and recovery program.

From our Founder

The motivation for establishing New found Life of Delray Beach and its programs are based on the same model of success that has worked for me in maintaining my sobriety and success for 25 years.

  • Michael Watt
  • Founder & CEO | 25 Years Sober

Meet our Staff

Meet our dedicated staff of addiction specialists and administrators. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you. Learn More

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